Why Clients Utilize the Talent of Joe Petrillo?

For several years now, Security Expert and Behavioral Analysis Threat Assessment Professional, Joe Petrillo has been speaking publicly to audiences from all professions on a variety of subjects under the headings of criminal or non-criminal presentations.

His non-criminal topics range from educational to motivational. Petrillo Protects, Educates and Instructs his client’s from recognizing a dangerous situation to utilizing the proper negotiation skills during a violent crime, in his criminal- topics presentations.

In 1999 he appeared as the key note speaker at the International Security Conference held in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he addressed the introduction to Behavioral Analysis by communicating through the utilization of Personality Types. After the three-day seminar the speaker ratings identified Petrillo as the most influential speaker on a subject of great interest and importance to the attending Corporate Leaders. Their written comments identified the topic of “Personality Types” as enhancing their process of dealing with people through Behavioral Analysis, as a talent not taught in college.

So, who are the people that make threats and why do we look at their threats which are directed by their behavior? Utilizing Behavioral Analysis in assessing the level of a threat protects the victim by properly rating the suspect’s ability to carry out the threat.

Petrillo believes that Behavioral Analysis starts by identifying the characteristics of the four different Personality Types and the four different Personality Styles. For his audiences, he shows how utilizing these enhanced Behavioral Analysis Techniques, can provide you with improved success with your communication and assessments.

He states, “You should understand that someone else always has power and control over something that you want.” So, “making yourself step out of the box and work within their different Personality Type and Personality Style structure’s will make a positive difference in your success with requests or expectations, of the other person.”

As a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, he used this type of Behavior Analysis Personality Profiling and was successful in dealing with victims and suspects. He experienced the same success in his business career by enhancing his ability to negotiate more effectively when he entered into the other person’s world, rather than operating from within his world.

Mr. Petrillo has provided Behavioral Analysis Profiling for many clients who have had a threat of some kind in their lives. His talent has allowed him to identify many suspects who have committed theft while in their employment, therefore assisting management in identifying a criminal in their company. He has worked on cases where children committed elder abuse which he identified was to receive their inheritance sooner than later.

He has worked with the BAU Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI and solved a threat case for them by utilizing his expertise in body language recognition and studying the Behavioral Analysis of the suspect. He was able to identify the suspect. and informed the BAU Agents the reason why the suspect committed the crime, which the suspect later confirmed.

So, consider engaging him as a Threat Assessment Professional as others have and let him show you how by utilizing these Behavioral Analysis Techniques and incorporating them with learned Negotiation Techniques, provides the powerful tools that will positively enhance your position. The ability of knowing how to work with people during critical situations is powerful in and of itself and the same will be true of your success.

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