Our Mission Statement:

To continually expand our minds and horizons through education and training, so that we may better serve those that put their trust in us. To always strive in being sensitive to the needs and desires of our clients and to realize what it might be like to walk in the other person’s shoes.

Security Design Systems Testimonials

With SDS I am not just a customer, they really care about me.

I trust SDS with my home every day.

Corporate Profile SDS Alarms

Security Design Systems, known as SDS Alarms, delivers
Peace of Mind” by providing an around the clock security blanket for residential, commercial and government clients. Through the sales, installation, and service of high-tech security system equipment, we have been protecting client’s since 1979, when founded by Joe Petrillo.

Security consultants with law enforcement and business expertise consult with future clients regarding their personal, family and or corporate needs. Our gained law enforcement experience with the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, combined with our business experience, has enabled our team to provide an exceptional level of service for the personal, family, corporate and government client’s.

Profile Joe Petrillo

Joe Petrillo, the 1979 founder of SDS Security Design Systems, known as SDS Alarms, and 2003 founder of Airborne Incident Response Security, known as Air Security, is a recognized Security Expert and Threat Assessment Professional Throughout Corporate America to the residential neighborhoods of Southern California. He provided advice on a variety of security issues to Members of the United States Congress and Governmental Personnel with-in the Justice Department, FBI, DEA, and to Law Enforcement Administrators. He designs their security, surveillance camera and access control systems.

By utilizing his law enforcement experience of twenty years that began with the Los Angeles Police Department and as a Deputy Sheriff (Retired) from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Joe developed an extensive security background from his experiences with notorious mass murders such as Charles Manson, violent ethnic gangs, motorcycle gangs to white collar criminals.

He received his BS and MA Degrees in Business Administration and Public Administration from Pepperdine University. He is recognized as an accomplished public speaker, including being a keynote speaker who was rated as the most influential speaker at the Security Associates International Security Convention, held in New Orleans in 1998. read more

Security Design Systems Corporate Profile