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Date: August 15, 2002
Channel 7 and Security Expert Joe Petrillo Team Up To Protect Women and Children

South Pasadena and Hollywood California,
As a result of the repetitive rapes occurring in Hancock Park and Belmont Shores, reporter Carlos Granda, from Channel 7 News, requested the assistance of security expert Joe Petrillo, President of SDS Alarms, to address the proliferation of these rapes and child abductions in Southern California and across the country.

In the first interview with Joe Petrillo, Reporter Carlos Granda went live in the City of South Pasadena at the home of an SDS Alarms client where Petrillo addressed improving the protection level of your home. The security expert started in the front yard and showed the viewers how the exterior decorative lighting and low trimmed bushes around windows provided security against suspects who try to remain concealed while breaking in behind a bush. He then illustrated how keeping windows locked and having the proper window treatments to prevent subjects from looking through your windows especially at night will increase your safety against a would-be rapist.

The interview moved into the home where he addressed how women can protect themselves during an attack. Petrillo illustrated how women must have a mind-set of maintaining control of their mind and body, therefore not allowing the suspect to take control of them, will minimize their risk of having great bodily harm and psychological damage being inflicted upon them. He advised that women must understand “they will get somewhat physically hurt from the attacker, but they can reduce their injury by being prepared when having a mental plan of action in place before a real attack occurs.”

"They should be proactive with this plan creating different scenarios when thinking ‘What if this situation did occur to me what would I do.’” He demonstrated how a woman small in size could use her hands and fingers to physically remain in control of a suspect larger then her who is trying to attack and rape her.

Requesting Petrillo’s assistance for a second day interview on the different topic of child abduction, Channel 7 caught up with him at a famous restaurant in Hollywood. Reporter Carlos Granda asked Petrillo to explain what drives child abductors to kidnap children and what can parents do to protect their children?

Petrillo expressed his opinion to Granda by detailing out his mental description of child abductors, also known as pedophiles, what drives them, and how they think differently about children. He explained that parents should police the community of persons who enter their children’s arena and should observe and read the behavior of those persons comparing their behavior to what is considered normal. He advised parents should question the motivations of why some adults want to spend more time with their child than they the parent who has the parent-to-child emotional, loving relationship.

Often we see that parents don’t trust their instincts and that when they know someone is displaying some forms of inappropriate and unacceptable behavior to societal guidelines when being around children, “They don’t believe it,” said Petrillo. Parents can be identified as part of the problem when they over look and don’t trust their instincts, or question this conduct that raises a red flag, which could cause a later danger to the children.

JOE PETRILLO, the 1979 founder of SDS Security Design Systems, known as SDS Alarms, is a recognized security expert and consultant throughout Corporate America to the residential neighborhoods of Southern California. He has provided advice on a variety of security issues to Members of the United States Congress and Governmental Personnel with-in the Justice Department, as well as to Law Enforcement Administrators from several Law Enforcement Agencies.

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